A police officer who stole a motorbike at a bar in Dedza has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison by Dedza First Grade Magistrate court.

In court, State prosecutor superintendent Patrick Chabuluka said,“On 26 January 2016, he stole a motorcycle and on 27 January he was involved in an accident with the same stolen motorbike. He hit a pedal cyclist and he was taken to police where he was arrested for theft.”

In his defense, Constable Richard Nangwiri pleaded not guilty but he was later taken down after the court had proved his statements wrong with evidences.

Later,First Grade  Symon Mwambo slapped him with 2 years and a half in prison saying he had shown a bad character as a police officer.

It is reportedly said that he was already on interdiction at work answering the case of stealing money and a bicycle from a fellow workmate.

Nangwiri hails from Maleta village, Traditional Authority Kadewere in Chiradzulu.

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