US Navy Ship has reportedly fired warning shots to an armed Iranian boat which is believed to have been operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the northern end of Persian Gulf.

According to two of the US Officials, the boat had become within 150 yards of the US ship hence the firing.

It is reportedly said that the Iranians did not respond to any warnings from the US ship, including radio calls, firing of flares and five short blasts from the US Navy ship’s whistle, which is the internationally recognized communications signal for danger, the officials said.
The Navy ship then fired warning shots into the water over concerns about the possibility of a collision, one of the officials said.
As reported by CNN, the Iranian ship then ceased its provocative actions but lingered in the area for some hours.
There were several US Navy ships in the immediate vicinity at the time of the incident conducting routine patrol
operations in international waters, according to the defense officials.
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