A South African witch doctor, Alex Luthuli aged 37 went to buy a live sheep for a thanksgiving ceremony at his church.

He got one for R2 000 and board a public transport.

But now he is injured and is without his sheep after the driver stopped to drop him off and raced away with the animal in the back!

Alex was seriously injured as the Golf 2 bumped him before speeding off.

It happened on 10 July after he bought the sheep at Randfontein Livestock & Poultry in Joburg.

He was on his way home to Ghana section near Westonaria when he hitched a lift from a motorist.

“The driver just sped off and stole my sheep, leaving me injured,” Alex told People’s Paper.

He has warned whoever robbed and injured him.

“I was supposed to thank my ancestors for my work as my job as a witchdoctor and for my business as a builder, but all these have turned to bad luck,” he told the People’s Paper.

“am now dreaming about this man coming to me to apologise, but I see myself refusing to accept his apology.

“I nearly died and this man walks free without any pain. He is going to suffer and wander the streets. I’m just waiting to get healed.”


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