The multiple online reports indicate  there are flammable liquid,a magnet and some beats inside the cotton of push up bras which can cause breast cancer.

Below is what some Facebook users shared…

‘One of Satan’s trick has been exposed again.

Beautiful Ladies and lover of fashion beware of your so called “push up”bra, inside the cotton there is this flaming liquid, a magnet and some beats in side. Today it has been exposed. This is one of the easiest way of cancer spread. Please check your bra after buying them.

Share this message and save a soul, God bless you as you spread this news across Facebook’.

The news forced FaceofMalawi to do a quick research to find out  if any lady ever experienced such incident in Malawi, one man confirmed to reporter that his wife once bought a bra with such liquid thing inside.

” One day my wife just saw some fields oozing from her bra, were just fields without any smell, it just burst until whole bra soaked,” he disclosed.



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