They say “To err is human, forgiveness is divine.” Because no one living person is perfect, it’s practically impossible to not displease or fail another at some point.

We can only try to be good, but sometimes, the humanity in us will show. That is the reason it’s important for us to learn to live with those we love. No matter the crime, if you care about the person, you’ll have to take them back to you. It’s not easy, I know this, so I am going to show you steps to rebuilding that broken relationship you probably desire to have back.

It’s also important to note that this post isn’t just for the person on the receiving end of a wrongdoing; it’s also binding on the person who committed the offense.


You can’t make progress towards rebuilding that relationship without accepting and acknowledging you were wrong. The interesting thing about us though, is that we know when we’re wrong, but our ego never allows us do the right thing. It’s important to accept the truth when you know you’re on the erring side so as to make some impression on the other person. I wouldn’t want to forgive you unless I know you’re willing to ask for it.


As an erring party, after you acknowledge you were wrong, the next move is to go to the person you wronged and offer a heartfelt apology. If you don’t sound like you mean it, forgiveness may not come.

Finally, no matter what the offense was, when someone says they’re sorry, it means they regret it, and that should make you forgive. If you are unwilling to do so, it means you’re not in support of the relationship coming back together again.


Yes. Some people like to think that its unnecessary talking about the misunderstanding after forgiveness is given, as if it would refresh memories and maybe cause pain again. As much as I understand the point in the argument, it’s important to talk about the issue because when you sweep it under the carpet, it’s harder to move on because the memories will continue to be there. Talking about it helps you leave it in the past, and move on.


Forgiveness without forgetting is not forgiveness, like I always say. People say they forgive, yet they are quick to bring up a past issue when there’s a minor disagreement. You can’t really forgive without being willing to let that pain go. You also punish yourself because you’ll nurse the issue in mind for longer than necessary. In a nutshell, I’m saying when someone asks for you to forgive them, don’t just forgive, forget the issue totally too so you’re free to move on.


Sometimes, people don’t forgive because there’s no reason to. If you want forgiveness, you must show you’re worth another try. You must show you’re better than you used to be. So it’s not enough to acknowledge your error and apologise, it’s also important to live the apology.

As much as forgiveness is a part of humanity, we must learn not to abuse people’s love and trust in us. If there’s no abuse of trust and love, there’ll surely be no reason to rebuild any relationship.


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