Kenyan police shot dead two protesters in the capital’s flash point Mathare slum on Wednesday, as unrest broke out after opposition accusations that the general election was rigged, a senior officer confirmed.
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They were part of a group that was protesting in the area and officers were sent to quell the chaos,” the officer said on condition of anonymity.

“We are told many of them were also thieves who took advantage and could not even obey the police. Two have been fatally wounded.”

An AFP photographer saw one of the victims, with a massive gunshot wound to his head.

Isolated protests erupted in opposition strongholds in Nairobi as well as the western city of Kisumu after opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga alleged massive rigging in Tuesday’s general election.

Early results from the election commission website showed almost certain victory for incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta, however, the results would not be considered final until the electronic results were cross-checked with original results forms from constituencies.


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