Earlier this week, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) through members of parliament of southern region held a meeting at the party’s regional office in Sunny Side, Blantyre, for a way forward on how to deal with Sidik Mia.

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According to source, DPP is in fear of losing the whole south to Malawi Congress Party through Mia after his return to politics.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice President for the DPP in the South, George Chaponda, the suspect maize gate thief, urged Malawians to reject politicians who are using religion to achieve their political ambitions.

Chaponda also attacked personally Mia, accusing him of advising Muslims in the country to support the opposition MCP in 2019.

The DPP MPs in south was also urged to support each other, if one has a rally, all should attend to show unite as that Mia should not steal the whole region.

The source also disclose that DPP plans to frame Mia in a case of stealing 72 billion kwacha   which suggested was given to some big figures in the party for campaigning in a reign of late Bingu wa Mutharika just few months prior to his death. And Mia did not return the amount.

Meanwhile, DPP understands Mia is to eradicate the party in South if nothing is to be done which will give MCP chance to win come 2019

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