A man has had to watch in complete horror as his on wife who was pregnant with their child, had s*x with another man.

A video has shown the moment a pregnant woman allegedly had s*x with a complete stranger not realising her husband was watching everything.
The man identified as George enlisted the help of To Catch A Cheater to test the loyalty of his partner after she stopped having s*x with him.
His wife – who works as a maid – thought she was simply going to work to clean someone’s house.
But her new customer was in fact an actor trying to seduce her.
The video shows the man asking whether she irons, before stripping down to his underwear.
As she starts ironing, he goes up behind her and says: “Have you ever been with an American?”
“No, never, I am married,” the woman replies.
She continues to say she has children but the man continues his advances until she allows him a quick peck on the cheek.
The pair then move to the sofa and within moments begin kissing.
But it goes from bad to downright terrible for George when the man leads his wife into the bedroom.
“Why is he doing that?” he screams.

“Why did you allow that? How can I live with this woman? What did she do in the other room?”
Reluctantly, the YouTube channel shows him a short clip from inside the room which sees the woman unbuckling the actor’s trousers.
The devastated husband says: “I will kill her, I don’t mind going to jail.”
But before the clip comes to an end, a message flashes across the screen, saying: “We’ve confirmed they are fine and we’re currently paying for their Marriage Therapy.”
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