Paramount Chief Lundu of Chikwawa has criticized Zambia-based Chewa King Gawa Undi for sidelining him during the Ngoni’s cultural event Umntheto held on Saturday in Mzimba.

The Chewa king on Saturday delegated Traditional Authority Masambakhunda, to represent him at the function instead of Paramount Chief Lundu.

The development did not please Lundu who left the place while the function was still in progress.

Speaking in an interview with the press, Lundu described the move by Chewa King to delegate T/A Masambakhunda as a sign of disrespectful.

“Did you notice that I left earlier than expected? That is what I do when I notice something disrespectful going on. It was lack of wisdom for someone to stand as a representative of Gawa Undi when his boss was present.

“I know what is going on, but I cannot tell you. The one who stood as a representative [Masumba Nkhunda] was supposed to respect me. What have they benefitted from this act?” said Lundu

Lundu said he smells “dirty politics” in the whole scenario.

Reacting to Lundu’s claims, coordinator of the Chewa in Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia, Senior Chief Lukwa of Kasungu, dismissed Lundu’s assertion, describing them as “nothing serious”.

“Positions do not matter to Gawa Undi. He is at liberty to delegate whoever he prefers. This time around, his preference was T/A Masumba Nkhunda while I represented him last year and there was nothing wrong with it,” said Lukwa.

Of late, Lundu has been in the limelight for, among others, ordering members of the Enlightened Christian Gathering whose founder is Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to leave his area, alleging that Bushiri is satanic.

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