It has been revealed that Times Television talk show ‘Hot Current’ host Brian Banda’s suspension is linked to corruption allegations, faceofmalawi can reveal.

On Tuesday, faceofmalawi got information that Banda has been given suspension letter over incompetence while Times Group Editor-in-Chief George Kasakula was just given warning letter regarding the same.

But there is new twist to the story following the leaked conversation between Facebook personality Julius Mithi and Editor at Times Innocent Chitosi.

According to the leaked conversation, Banda has been suspended over corruption allegation.

It is said that Banda was demanding cash to host programmes and recently he refused to host a programme as ordered by management and instead he hosted Muhammad Sidik Mia who recently joined Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

The leaked conversation says Banda pocked cash from Mia.

Kasakula has been warned for failing to Manage Times Group, according to the conversation.

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