A man in Mexico was publicly embarrassed after he was paraded naked in the streets by people who accused him of stealing a child`s handset.

A video showing how people believed to be shop workers and street vendors dragged him through the streets with a rope around his neck, was seen online.

As seen in the video, the suspect was taken to the main square and displayed in front of hundreds of onlookers.

The 24-year-old suspect identified as Luis Hernandez Dominguez was seen cowering on the floor and holding his mouth and head after being beaten.

The mother of his victim also hit the suspect with a belt and shouted insults at him. The mob fracas occurred because residents and workers are said to be frustrated with an increase in robberies in the city.

According to Mexican news site NVI Noticias, the crowd made threats to “burn” the alleged thief, who had tried to hide in a house before being cornered by the mob.

The police said it took them 4 hours to persuade the mob leaders to hand over the man to them.

The suspect has been taken to a police station and charged with robbery.

watch the embarrassing video below

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