Relatives of Miriam Siula who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on Sunday night have expressed shock over social media comments justifying the murder.

Siula was stabbed on the chest by Arthur Mdala who was arrested in Thyolo Tuesday and now is being kept at Lingazi Police cell in the capital Lilongwe.

The murder attracted debate on the social media with many Malawians blaming the Mdala for killing his ex-girlfriend.

On Wednesday, the story leading to the killing of Siula took a new twist following reports that Mdala was dumped by her just after getting a Job at Victoria Forex Bureau.

According to the story, Mdala paid her a tuition fees at Malawi Accountancy College (MCA) in Blantyre up until she got a job at Victoria Forex Bureau.

It is said that the girl then found another man who she was planning to getting married with him and this anger Mdala after looking at what he has done to the girl.

But a statement seen by faceofmalawi reporter purportedly written by relatives of the deceased, the family has described it as a total lie.

“Our relation, Miriam Siula, died a very painful death. She was stabbed several times by a man whom she was once in a relationship with. She died at her mother’s doorstep. She is gone and we will never see her, ever. She didn’t even say goodbye to the family, or was she given a minute to make her last prayer.

“But what I find more disheartening and painful than the loss itself is the malicious lie currently being spread that portrays Miriam as a devilish and materialistic woman, and her murderer as a man who invested a lot into her education and career,” reads in part the letter.

Added the statement: “Whoever coined this lie has brought more pain to the family. Losing a family member who did not commit any offense, but end a mere relationship that she saw as being having no future because the man was not prepared to settle down, is not easy to come to terms with. But this lie is even worse, it aching.”

“Miriam was a good person at heart. I wish people circulating the fake news knew her and her family. The man who mercilessly butchered and cut short her life never ever paid for a school fees. He was not even expected to do because Miriam’s family was already happily doing it.

“Then there are people here who have invested a lot of energy and time in spreading this complete lie. What do you benefit in this? What’s there for you for making this wild and painful allegations against the deceased. She could be your sister, your mum, your niece or any woman you know. If you are paid for this, may the good Lord help you enjoy the money, and may you live forever. May Miriam’s soul rest well.”

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