A law enforcer In Lilongwe has reportedly mercilessly beat up his wife after the two had a quarrel.

The officer has been identified as senior superintendent  Kamwanga of Kawale police station.

It has not come to the knowledge of this publication as to what resulted to the ruthless attack.

However, unconfirmed reports indicate that the officer has been taken into police custody for questions.

The picture of the assaulted woman wearing a DPP clothe at the top while her face covered with blood stains has made rounds on social media with people putting their thoughts on the incident.

suffers an assault

One person commented on the picture writting, “Not good for once’s bone of his bones, fresh of his fresh. Eish! Mpaka kumenya choncho? So bad.”

While one woman, also a victim to these kind of assaults wrote in Chichewa, “Ine banja ndinalithawa nkhaza zake ngati zomwezi olo anthu andinene sizindikhudza kuli bwino kufera zina.”

Some of the comments enlightened on how some women act in a way that they do not respect their husbands hence such acts do emerge.


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