Fights are a part of many marriages. No matter how much you’d want to deny this, it is found in almost every home.

Married couples disagree over all sorts of things, because they’re human, but the good thing is it doesn’t have to last.

Issues and fights can be resolved, especially if you understand this reality, and their causal factors. Now, let’s take a look at some of those common reasons married people tend to fight with their spouse for.


In some climes, children are the reason for marriage, so an inability of one of the partners in that marriage to be fruitful would be a major problem for the other one. In Africa for example, relatives and extended family are the ones who pile pressure on their kin to take another partner if their current isn’t bringing forth the kids.

Apart from the aforementioned, the number of children to have could also cause issues if the couple aren’t on the same page. The man could want one while the woman wants more.

Understanding is always key. If you want to have more children than your partner wants, adoption could be an option or a simple compromise would suffice. That’s what marriage is about really; being able to let certain things go for peace and the happiness of your partner.


Money, they say is the root of all evil. And as much as I don’t totally agree with that talk, I think it has some truth to it. In a family for example, who pays the bills and takes care of the financial burdens can be an issue if not handled properly.

Some women believe the man is the one meant to bear the entire financial burden, but that isn’t true. You’re partners, not master and daughter or ward, therefore, you’re meant to directly be involved in every part of your relationship. So the ideal thing to do is agree on a very comfortable sharing formula. The man can take higher responsibility, but the woman has to contribute something too. That’s how you keep your marriage happy.


In a family, there’s always the one parent who doesn’t like to see their kids scolded or disciplined or both parents could have different degrees of discipline. Sometimes, it’s the woman, other times, it’s the man, but the truth is if not carefully handled, it can cause quarrels between couples.

Both parents need to understand that punishment for wrongdoing is a good way to raise the kids because it shows them they were wrong. However what type of punishment you mete out is debatable. You can’t inflict injury on your child because they did something wrong. Grounding them is a good option. You can also shout at them or deny them things they find exciting. This way, I don’t see why there should be a problem. It’s important that couples agree on a formula they’re comfortable with.


We all know this had to be there. Cheating is a big issue in relationships and marriages. It’s heartbreaking, so we can understand why anyone would be saddened by it. It’s breakage of trust, so people need to avoid it at all cost. Stick with your partner, and everything would be fine.


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