Malawi Congress Party (MCP) shadow Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City South East Constituency Ulemu Msungama has reacted to the accusation leveled against by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General Greselder Jeffrey.

Last week Jeffrey wa Jeffrey told the people of Lilongwe City South East that Msungama raped her cousin and has the case to answer in court.

She also said that Msungama is not fit to be the law maker of the area since he is unmarried and he is currently staying in boys’ quarter.

Writing on his official facebook page, Msungama denied the claims leveled against him by saying he has no any standing case in court.

“DPP visited area 23 recently and I was the source of their endless tirade of castigations, led by their CEO, mai Jeffrey. I wish they would have just delivered what they would do for the constituency, and also explained to the voters, why after 13 years of their government, lilongwe south east remains one of the most under developed and backward suburbs in the world??

“Anyway, for the record, in response to their allegations, I have no standing court case, even though our friends at DPP insinuate that I raped a cousin and ndili pa mlandu. A simple trip to the courts of Malawi can verify that fact. Please be factual and not shallow. I am a man of values and cannot stoop that low,” wrote Msungama.

He added: “Secondly, I do not live in a servants quarters as suggested, I do live in a private guest wing. Albeit, even if I do live in a humble abode, that should be a source of pride and not an object of ridicule. I believe that leadership is about servanthood and not grandiosity. True leaders, the kind Malawi needs are servant leaders, and i want to remain just that, a servant of all.

“Lastly, I am not yet married, true, but I am engaged and will be announcing my wedding date very soon. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and should always be approached prayerfully and carefully. I subscribe to that persuasion and I am sure, that in due course, when my bride is revealed, the people of area 23 and malawi at large will happily say, ayi Ulemu wapeza Bae genuine, shuwa! Let the campaign continue, issue based chonde, ndale zonyozana zinapanga phase out, like we say, a better Malawi is possible!.

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) is scheduled to hold by-elections in the constituency and two others.

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