By Orchestra Kamanga

Political Advisor to Umodzi Party President Reverend Peter Kaleso has said he is much optimistic that the party will form the next government after 2019 elections.

He attributed to the victory because of sound policies, strategies and good governance which include building secondary schools where there primary schools, dissolving universities board council and choosing the leaders on merit not regionalism.

“Lets me assure you that Umodzi Party will form next government after 2019 elections. People in the country are tired with the recycled politicians who move from one part to another for political gains,” he said.

Kaleso who once served as Minister of Trade and Industry in Muluzi’s administration said Umodzi party government will have department or courses at University its own campus and there will be no quota system in selection of in secondary schools.

“The party has three pillars such as Education for all, Justice for all and Employment for all. The employment for all will reduce high rate of unemployment for the youth,” said the veteran politician.

Kaleso who is also interim Treasure General said the party’s administration will build universities nationwide to give opportunity to students in schools selection.

Recently Party’s President professor Chisi said his party is one of the largest party in the country and he has urged all Malawians to vote for him.

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