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I been quiet on the issue of defection to mcp a lot has been said and I respect every members comment and suggestions. The story is like this on 23rd of may 2016 I rejoined Dpp and I was received on regional level by the regional governor south Hon mchacha a week later I called the district governor for our district in order for him to arrange for a meeting with district and constituency leaders so that I should know them and he did. When Hon mchacha heard this he did not like it and said I have no authority I should wait until am given a position at NGC. He added that anthu amandiuza kuti ndisakulandileni chifukwa mumakonda kulanda mipando yawanthu. Seriously I did not understand this month’s, went I started hearing like gossip that he is telling people that am telling others that am going to be regional governor south. Something I don’t even know.

Then this other day this year I went to ndata for the late President’s memorial, then as I was seated I saw the secretary General and Hon mchacha seating next to each other. After a few minutes I saw the secretary General coming down from the podium and she was greeting Hon msonda. I followed her in order to greet her as well and she held my hand since she was still talking to msonda after she finished she greeted me and said and I quote Achimwene mukambilane ndi a secretary General tidzachezeko kwanuko end of quote.

I quickly rushed to the regional secretary to ask of the said programme if he was aware he said he wasn’t but he will ask Hon mchacha and come back to me. Then I left as I was approaching the Kamuzu bridge the same day Hon mchacha phoned me and I quote A Bagus ngati inu ndi a secretary General mwachotsetsa Hon Kaliat inenso I can resign mupite mukachite msonkhawo ndi a secretary General wo opanda region tione ngati mukapeze mphando okhalila. He said so much things I didnt even know then I asked a question that bwana ndalakwitsa pati since after the message from the SG I went to the regional secretary to comfirm then he cut the phone.

Then after 3 days I followed the SG in LL and reported back to the SG she just said Achimwene inenso ndikufika pa chingeni anandiyimbira phone a mchacha ndipo akalipa kwambiri. Same words I was told and she said let’s go to Hon Mphepo’s office and I explained and she also explained then Hon mphepo said I should leave the matter with him and will come back to me but he never. I decided to notify other higher authorities same thing was told not worry it will be soughted I waited nothing came up.

Then the day The President was receiving the Olympic stick from the Queen I went to the airport I met Hon mchacha I greeted him in reply he said and I quote Ife ngati region a Bagus tathana nanu until the 4 th of June 2017 he came to address a polical meeting in chikwawa central at a place called Bereu. He introduced a candidate for 2019 (mp) I was so shocked because I thought they would conduct primaries this is where I decided to join mcp since there was no room to conduct primaries at Dpp because I want to contest as a member of paliament in chikwawa central Hon members so many things happened to frustrate me but I have cut the story short.

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