Kasungu police public relations officer, Edna Mzingwiritsa has confirmed the death of a 5-year-old girl who died on Thursday, September 28 after her family`s house caught fire.

Mzingwiritsa has identified the deceased child as Sella Kwanda.

Reports say that around 7 pm, the deceased`s 7-year-old sister brought a stick of firewood into the house which its roof was made of grasses to light the lamp.

While in the process, the stick got in contact with a cloth and uncontrollable fire started.

In effort to save the child, the father of the house who was outside rushed inside to rescue the daughter but all came out with injuries.

Sella later died while at the the hospital where the two were admitted.

She hailed from Tsuntche village in the area of Traditionla Authority Lukwa in Kasungu.


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