People from Mtembo and Group Village Chitera in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Chitera in Chiradzulu are living in fear after their property was burnt down by a mysteriously fire inside their houses leaving the house un-burnt.

Speaking in an interview with the Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Monday, Senior Chief Chitera said seven houses have been affected by the mystery fire.

“This started three weeks ago. We saw furniture inside the houses burning but to our surprise, the houses that had iron sheet roofs were un-burnt,” she said.

The Senior Chief said the mysterious fire has also been burning people’s clothing leaving the owners unhurt.

The chief said one of the incidents involved a young girl whose wrapper (Chitenje) was burnt right off her body as she was on her way to draw water.
Another incident is also said to have involved another young girl who was sick and covered herself with a wrapper which got burnt by the same mysterious fire leaving her unhurt.

Moreover, Senior Chief Chitera said another case involved a bag whose contents started burning whilst inside one of the resident’s house and when it was taken outside the house, all the contents inside the bag got burnt but the bag was left intact without any damage from the fire.

She said currently the community in the district is left dumbfounded by what is going on and are living in fear.

“We have engaged the faith community to help us with prayers and it seems the situation is now under control,” said the Senior Chief adding that some faith leaders came from T/A Mtchema to assist them.

Source: MANA

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