President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’s move to stay away from at a press conference which was to take place at Kamuzu Palace to brief journalists on his trip to United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) has attracted criticisms from all corners with others describing him as coward.

President Mutharika directed Minister of Foreign Affairs and international Cooperation Emmanuel Fabiano, Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi, State House Director of Communications Bright Molande and his Press Officer Mgeme Kalilani to hold media briefing on his behalf.

In his speech, Molande defended President Mutharika on his decision to stay away from the press, saying the press conference was not the only platform for Mutharika to issues arising.

Mollande said “there is no statutory requirement” that when a President goes abroad there should be a press conference on return.

But Malawians on the social media have not taken the issue lightly. Others went on throwing jabs at Mutharika.

Chris M. Banda wrote: “The results of becoming a president through the courts one fears reporters so too parliament! Only a stage-managed question from the useless mbc reporter can be responded to!”

Concurring with Banda’s remarks Dipipi wa Yudiefu wrote: “Lost opportunity. Pita is being ill advised by his all dull ministers. He is a moron too, cabbage. The easiest course to study kunjakutu ndi law. Anthu sadzivatu kuMalawi. Most law institutions are simply rented houses in some suburbs or housing estates. Some few years back we used to have lawyers in this country who studied through correspondence in South Africa. Ndiye osamukweza kwambiri nkuluyu. He is equally a naturally born dull person. According to one of our learned politicians in opposition, our president is one of vitsiru vophunzira.”

Others have went further in criticizing Mutharika’s advisors, saying they are ill-advising the President.

“Do these morons understand that the President is our employee paid using our taxes and we deserve to know what he was doing out there? How can they insult Malawians through such sentiments like there is no law requiring the President to address the press? It just shows how incompetent these people are,” wrote Charombanthu.

On his part, Charles Westad said: “He has to decide if he want to be a democratic leader or naive DPP dictator. The press confress is so malawian can get answers to why he cant controll his violent youth and think he can controll malawi.”

Meanwhile it is not known as to why President Mutharika has dodged the media on UNGA trip.

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