The unbelievably bizarre story has been told of the woman who gave up on all men and got married to her own dog.

Wilhelmina and her dog Henry
A woman has given up on men and decided to marry her dog.
After deducing that the perfect man simply does not exist, Wilhelmina Morgan Callaghan, 43, tied-the-knot to an Irish charmer called Henry.
Henry, just so happens to be an eight-year-old Yorkshire terrier.
Ms Callaghan is celebrating her eighth wedding anniversary to Cork-born Henry – who is blessed with a perky personality, big, dark eyes and soft, brown hair – on November 20.
She calls him her ‘king,’ and praises his unfailing loyalty, claiming a man has never offered her the same level of support or kindness.
‘Things have fallen apart somewhat since we married in 2009,’ said Wilhelmina, of Northern Ireland.
 ‘I lost my job in a morgue, so was forced to become a freelance embalmer, there is not much money in that, and then my house flooded.
 ‘But Henry has been great throughout – he is so loyal. I call him ‘Ri’ which means ‘King’ in ancient Gaelic, because he is like a king – my king.’
Ms Callaghan adopted Henry in 2009, from a friend who had a litter, and was inspired to become his bride after learning about people marrying their pets online.
She says that Henry is ‘wonderful’ and he loves cuddles and watching television. Henry – whose full name is Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan – and Ms Callaghan, became dog and wife, via a website, with her friend Rebecca Carter, acting as a witness.
Although they were given a certificate, as it is not legal to marry your pet, their union is a spiritual one, although she takes it completely seriously.
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