Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa has promised President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to flush-out bloodsuckers in two weeks’ time through magic.

Ngolongoliwa made the remarks on Monday at Phalombe Secondary School ground where President Mutharika was addressing people affected by fears of blood sucking allegations.

In his speech, Chief Ngolongoliwa assured President Mutharika that traditional leaders will work together with government in ending the rumors by getting to the bottom of the issue, saying within two weeks the bloodsuckers will be flushed out.

“Sangachoke uko ndimasenga kubwera kuno. Ife tilibe masenga? Sitingalole ena kuzatiulukila kuno. Bwana mumva uku two weeks kuti ndege zagwa,” said Ngolongoliwa while attracting loud applause from people.

On his part, President Mutharika urged people affected by the rumour to remain calm, saying his government is doing everything possible to deal with the issue.

Meanwhile President Mutharika is today scheduled to meet with people affected with the bloodsucking rumour.

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