By Robert Kumwenda

The deposed Chief Chekucheku of Neno has hailed government of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for the infrastructure development in Neno particularly in his area.

The former T/A (Francis Magombo) said as of to date there is already a tarmac 5km road from Mwanza turn off to Neno.

“By early November they will start another one from Tsangano in Ntcheu to Neno and on behalf of all chiefs in Neno am thanking government for this development,” he said.

The deposed Chief has also asked government to consider putting gravels for a road Ref:RA/GMD/10/01 from Neno to Zalewa which is about 22 kms.

This follows a letter of recommendation dated 5 January 2009 from the Roads Authority to revive and construct the road via Muonekera village, to Lisungwi River through Moffat village to Mwanza road.

He has also asked government to build a bridge at Lisungwi River as well as putting curvet of modern standard.

“On 23 June 2016, when the President came to open Neno Rural Growth Centre he promised us that he will build a bridge at Lisungwi River to make Neno to be of modern standard,” he said.

This development, according to the deposed Chief comes following the DPP’s manifesto on page 63 and 64 respectively which says that infrastructure is a huge opportunity of getting economy back to its feet.

Once coming back to power it promised to complete projects already initiated and developed more thus include completion of Tsangano- Mwanza-Neno road.

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