Malawi’s renowned television (TV) personality, Geoffrey Kapusa, aka Mr. Splash has accused the state owned Malawi Broadcasting Station (MBC) childish propaganda of playing a role in the miserable loss of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the by-elections.

Unofficial results of the by-elections conducted by the Malawi electoral Commission (MEC) on Tuesday shows that the Malawi Congress Party has scoped all the three Parliamentary seats and two of the three wards.

The results have attracted debate on the social media with others saying the ruling DPP is heading for a disaster.

Writing on his official facebook page, Kapusa accused MBC childish propaganda of playing a role in the loss.

“Who to blame. Not MBC ofcoutse. When i lectured them kuti your propaganda is childish, i was banned from TV appearance. A losing team. Vote of no confidence. Apologise to the ruling party. This is unprecedented. Mumamunamiza President. Shame. Now can I talk to you guys and you do the listening? You still have 2019 by election coming. Dont quit!” wrote Kapusa.

Kapusa was banned on MBC TV in August for allegedly criticizing propaganda programmes aimed at disgracing Muhammad Sidic Mia and the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) during a staff meeting.

“Kodi tizingokhalira kupanga propaganda ya Mia in a democratic country [Are we going to keep on peddling propaganda against Mia in a democratic Malawi?” was quoted as saying.

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