Southern region police have arrested over 100 people in Blantyre and over 70 in Kachere Township only for being behind the chaos activities that happened yesterday in connection with the ongoing blood sucking issue.

The city went into complete pandemonium yesterday as the rumor of blood suckers seemed to have reached at its climax thereby forcing the community members to embark on a hunt mission for suspected blood suckers.

Two people were killed only yesterday for being suspected to have been blood suckers.

One was killed in Kachere Township while another one is said to have been a mentally challenged man who was found at a graveyard in Chileka.

It is reported that police found him at the graveyard and took him to custody at Chatha roundabout.

When the community knew about the news, they thought he had been locked up in connection with the blood sucking story and they invaded the police station to deal with him.

Police at the scene were unable to handle the mob such that they were overpowered and later the mentally challenged man was retrieved, beaten and burnt to death.

Some of the officers escaped with injuries as they were trying to protect the now deceased person.

The yesterday`s chaos has brought fears to some citizens of other countries like US, whose embassy in Malawi has advised its citizens to take care or restrain from visiting the affected areas.

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