People of Wimbe village in Kasungu have been given thumbs up for observing peace as the Hollywood film makers are in their land where they are filming a movie based on William Kamkwamba who made electricity harnessed from wind.

The applaud follows chaos activities which some districts have been causing towards strange people visiting their areas in relation with the ongoing blood sucking rumor.

Unlike other districts, Kasungu has proved to be a civilized  district as no any chaos activities have been reported since the visitors landed in the district.

The Hollywood film directors are on a mission to shoot a true story movie based on William Kamkwamba, the boy who made his own electricity from wind.

The crew which is being led by Chiwetel Ejiofor has other famous names from Potboiler Productions like a British Female film producer, Andrea Calderwood from the movie “The Last King of Scotland” as well as Gail Egan from the movie “A Most Wanted Man”.

Also from American`s film production company, Participant Media is Jeff Skoll and Jonathan King not forgetting Joe Oppenheimer from BBC films.

Participant Media, BBC films and British Film Institute (BFI) are the ones funding the whole project in connection with Head Gear, Econet and LipSync.


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