A South African blind witch doctor is making headlines in local papers due to his inability to read a person`s bones by the help of his five snakes.

one of his snakes

Despite being blind, the 48-year-old Johannes Sibanvoni can see and detect a problem in a person`s body using his snakes.

His amazing talent has seen his name being carried far and customers travel from far areas to see him.

According to him, his snakes were sent by his ancestors and they guided him.

“I may be blind but I can see all things. Even before people enter my house I already know what problem has brought them here.”

He said he strived to keep his house pure to block any evil that may penetrate his holy place.

Before anyone enters they are asked if they had sex the day before.

“If you did, you don’t enter. People who know they’re coming to see me have to abstain from sex a day before the visit.”

He said this helped him to communicate better with their ancestors. He said word of mouth had brought him many customers.

“I don’t advertise myself in any way. My ancestors don’t want me to do that,” he said.

One of his clients, who spoke to Daily Sun, said his taxi was stolen and the blind Johannes helped him to get it back.

About 20 cars, some of which were given to him by satisfied customers, are parked in his yard.

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