A Nigerian man based in South Africa says he does not regret buying a luxury Mercedes-Benz G-Class to a South African man as a token to apologies for impregnating his wife.

“I know what I did is wrong but I feel better he has accepted that his wife, my girlfriend, is pregnant and will soon give birth to my son. He was angry at first but when I presented the car to him his anger vanished,” said the man who identified himself as John.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

One source close to the family of the woman who fell pregnant says she knew about the affair but never thought it would lead to a pregnancy.

She says she is disappointed the husband accepted the Mercedes-Benz from the Nigerian national.

“Nigerian men will never take our men seriously. What kind of a man accepts a gift from a man who impregnated his wife? He will impregnate her again and buy the stupid husband another car. I am so disappointed, “she said.

When approached for a comment the husband said, “It is wrong to say I am stupid. The point of the matter is we cannot reverse what happened. We sat down as men and sorted the issue. The bible says we must forgive and forget. I have always dreamed of driving a G-Wagon. Christmas came early for me and my family,” said the husband who didn’t want to be named.

“The baby will be born and I will take care of him as my own. If the father wants to take him to Nigeria I wouldn’t mind. I will give my wife support she needs always. That is what marriage is all about.

I love my wife and will not leave her because of mere pregnancy,” he added.


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