To say that anyone is perfect and without flaws is to lie. However, it’s not every imperfection that’s acceptable.

While you must accept and live with those we can, there are those we must simply stay away from. Take the following for example…


This type of woman has a never-ending ending problem with men. The reason could be because she has had her heart broken one too many times, but either way, this woman is always bashing on men and talking about how they are no-good or useless.

Dont advice any man to settle down with someone so bitter as it is guaranteed that when the opportunity arises, she would hurl hurtful insults and intense hateful words his way.


A selfish woman always puts herself first before the needs of others, including her man’s. She’d rather she goes on that trip or vacation than allow you invest your money in something profitable. You want to steer clear of this type of woman.


We all have a thing for fancy things, but knowing to control the feeling is everything. You can’t let your craving for material things stop you from doing things you shouldn’t do, or stop you from thinking straight. A materialistic woman will ruin your life.


This type of woman most likely grew up having everything handed to her and has never had the experience of actually working for something.

She is honestly unlikely to make the best wife. No matter how much you might be willing to provide her with the kind of lifestyle she grew up with, it’s rarely ever enough.

Remember, marriage comes with kids and kids require sacrifice. If she has never had to work or make sacrifices for anything in her life, it is unlikely that she would change.


No one wants a partner who will always make them feel insecure, and a flirtatious woman is that kind of woman that could make a man feel insecure.


A woman who finds it difficult to commit to anything (school, jobs, family, friendship, etc) would also not be able to commit to a marriage.

If she seems to lose interest in everything quickly and is always looking for the next thing to jump into, then you would have a hard time keeping her focused in her marriage.


And it don’t mean towards you only. Sometimes, it shows in the way she relates with other people

If she’s insensitive to others’ feelings, and is always talking down on them, it’s only a matter of time before she makes you regret getting her in your life.


This type of woman never minds her own business. She is always focused on someone else’s business, or how someone else is living their life.

You definitely do not need this kind of woman as a wife.

A man needs someone that would build a home with him and this requires some focus on her own plans and her own life. If she is too busy minding someone else’s business, then you are better off without her.

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