Police in Pakistan have arrested eight men for parading a young woman through a village naked in connection with a dispute over family honor.

Police officer Mohammad Basharat Khan told local reporters on Tuesday that the woman’s brother had an affair with a young woman from the suspects’ family.

He says they forced the young woman from the rival family to strip down before parading her through the village in northwestern Pakistan last week.

The incident’s survivor was ‘punished’ for her brother’s behaviour. Around three-years-ago, her brother, identified as Sajjad, got involved in a relationship with a girl from the village.

A panchayat (village council) gathered and had fined Sajjad’s family Rs105,000 to resolve the matter. The tehsil nazim was also a part of the decision-making process.

The local police also showed reluctance following the incident to file the case, shared the survivor’s family. The girl was taken to the police station multiple times before a case was eventually filed.

Moreover, it was further revealed that a case had first been registered against the survivor’s family.

The police informed that eight suspects have been arrested so far. However, the prime suspect, identified as Sajawal, is still on the run.

Family honor is a sensitive issue in Muslim-majority Pakistan, where nearly 1,000 women are killed by their relatives each year for violating conservative norms on love and marriage.


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