An Independent member of parliament in the august house representing Mzimba South East Constituency has been evicted from his area 18 house for failure to settle his rental bills.


It has been established that Honorable Rabson Chihaula faced the eviction after he failed to settle rentals for 16 months for his area 18 house.

According to reports, Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) could not tolerate him anymore instead they went on to lock his house and left him together with his family outside the house.

His mother came in to help by sending a vehicle to take them to their home village Mzimba after she was notified that her son had lodged somewhere within Lilongwe after being chased out of the house.

It is reported that Honorable Chihaula is currently staying with his mother as the matter is being solved.

Some people have been concerned with the sad development stressing that Chihaula has been in parliament for three consecutive terms and yet failing to occupy his own house.

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