When he was in his thirties, an artist named Michael Rubino decided to help other people start their families. So, he became a sperm donor.

“Back then, my wife and I were infertile,” Michael told People Magazine. “We’d met some other infertile couples at some counseling sessions, and it just happened that we saw something on the news about the California Cryobank, so I said, ‘Why don’t I do that?’ Then at least I can help out other infertile couples.”

Michael Rubino on the right

Michael made it so that any kids he helped conceived could contact him once they turned 18. Not thinking much of it, he assumed he’d meet only a couple of them at one point or another.

But as the years passed and social media became more prominent, more of the children had started tracking him down on Facebook. And he was more than happy to communicate with and even befriend them.

some of the children he fathered

Today, the kids range in age from 16 to 21 and live all over the world.

Recently, the folks at Inside Edition coordinated an unprecedented meeting between Michael and the 19 kids he fathered as an anonymous sperm donor — and though he didn’t help raise them, he couldn’t believe the similarities.


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