Controversial South African pastor Mboro is angry after his Sunday coverage was unexpectedly stopped by Soweto TV as he was trying to heal a couple that had lost their spark in bed.

Pastor Mboro

An inside source told Sunday Sun that Mboro instructed the woman to touch the man`s manhood and the man to touch the woman`s private parts before he started praying for them.

“After a while, he gave the couple privacy in their room and told them to kiss, so he could bless them before they start making love. When he returned to the bedroom to check on them with his camera crew, he found them busy,” said the source.

The source claimed the couple pleaded with Mboro to let them finish their business.

“They argued that it was a very long time since they had tasted each other.

“They said the man was no longer getting it up for a very long time and couldn’t wait to do it.”

Mboro, whose name means a lot in Chichewa confirmed with Daily Sun that he prayed for them.

He said he was shocked on Sunday when he received a call from Soweto TV management saying his show was canned.

“They claim the Independent Communications Authority Of South Africa (Icasa) has been on their back because of the show. What I want to know is: if it’s Icasa saying that, are they regulating our churches now?” asked Mboro.

He said Soweto TV management also told him his show was not suitable for the station.

“They said they had to choose between Icasa and myself,” he said.

Mboro said what he did wasn’t a sin as he didn’t ask the couple to undress.

“They were wearing their clothes and even after that, we blurred that part,” he said.

Soweto TV’s Jonathan Ramotsei refused to comment, saying they didn’t discuss issues of their stakeholders with the media.

Icasa spokesperson Paseka Maleka said: “A broadcasting service licensee has a discretion whether or not to broadcast any content from its content providers, which in its view has a potential to harm its audiences.

“The broadcaster further needs to consider regulations on the Code of Conduct for the broadcasting services and its licence conditions when deciding on putting any content on air.”




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