As technology is slowly consuming the minds of many people globally, debate has ensued on the social media over the use of Phone Bibles during church services as others are describing the move as distractive to others.

Recently Malawi and other countries have experienced a sharp rise in phone usage. The development has seen many preachers using phones on the pulpit when preaching and even congregants have also copied the tendency.

The development has attracted hearted debate on the social media with others supporting it while others blaming it.

Christian Odala Kelvin Sibale wrote: “Much as it is to me not respectful to our religious ethics for everybody to take out n glue himself herself to a phone during a church service, i personally also dont encourage the use of these android bibles, they r very much distorted, some claim they r a satanic version with some verses removed or changed without your notice more especially when u r asked to update them it’s the time when they r being changed without your notice ending up providing u with a bible with wrong n misleading info so that by n by the Christian community should be misled n get used to some wrong info or wrongly interpreted verses as normal versions of the same traditional Holy Bible while it’s not.

“They are trying to distort info so much that in the end some verses should give out messages or interpretations that deviate from its original truth in biblical (christian) teaching.”

On his part Peter Ngolovani Zande: “High possibility of distraction to both parties ie. Yourself and other congregants. Secondly the Holy Father has bemoaned lack of concentration at Mass (the epitome of our salvation). Thirdly the Mass goes with liturgical tradition (the Word). Fourthly the Church through the Synod guides from time to time on adapting the liturgy. So let’s wait for Her.”

“So it applies to all of us to check ourselves spiritually and physically before we enter church. Even dressing matters. Sometimes our dressing is disrespectful to God and distracts our fellow congregants, I think. My brethren take note of this!!!! Yes its technology but it has bounds.”

Contrary to Zande’s remarks, Abiti Mahata said: “The word of God is the word of God. It does not become less powerful because it is in print or electronic form.”

Meanwhile in Catholics and CCAP churches members are not allowed to use phones during church service.

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