By orchestra Kamanga

Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom (ICJF) has questioned the motive of Public Affairs Committee (PAC) for giving government a 29 November as a deadline to table a set of six bills collectively called Electoral Reform bills which include 50+1 failing which they will hold a peaceful national wide march.

ICJF Chief Commissioner Shaibu Abdul Rahaman Ajassie said PAC has the right to demonstrate according to the country’s constitution but is better that PAC should have resorted at around table discussion with the government to find out why the bill has not been presented in parliament.

“We do respect PAC as a religious body but our advice is that they must not mobilize people to demonstrate because that will cause chaos in the country. They should cancel their demonstration and have peaceful dialogue with the government,” he said.

ICJF Commissioner A jassie warned that when PAC will mobilize people to march when a parliament fails to table the bill his organization will also mobilize people to demonstrate against their idea.

“PAC should not think that those people who will be mobilized are faithful to the nation,” he said, adding that PAC should form apolitical party.
Ajassie also said PAC is behind a certain political party “candidate” whom they campaign party for
ICJP which was established in 2013 is aimed at boosting women economic empowerment girls’ child education without discrimination. It has headquarters in Blantyre in Trade fair with branches in Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

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