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Lucius Banda Asks Muntharika to Seek Help from Joyce Banda on Persistent Blackouts

Member of parliament for Balaka north Lucius Banda has responded to president Peter Muntharika`s remarks on blackouts saying that he should just consult Joyce Banda on how to end the problem since during her time electricity problem was curbed.

Honorable Lucius Banda

Banda said this at a Press conference in Lilongwe on Wednesday when he was questioned for a comment on Muntharika`s previous say on persistent blackouts.

The president was once quoted during the opening of the 47th session of parliament blaming Joyce Banda`s government on electricity blackouts.

In his speech, Muntharika accused JB`s government of not investing to expand energy generation.

But according to Balaka North legislature, the problem has got this worse due to unwillingness of the current government to continue what others started.

“The problem we have is that Malawians do not want to continue what our fellows started, everyone wants to let people know that he or she has arrived,”said Banda.

Meanwhile, the government has since shown its concern to curb blackouts problem with the introduction of generators – a move sparkling debate around as some political analysts say this will just waste money for a short term thing.





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