A young couple in Ndola, Zambia is now a subject of police intervention after the wife gave birth to an alleged Chinese baby.

Facts are that Cecilia Mulinda who works for a Chinese firm gave birth to a child which the husband’s family and neighbours suspect is Chinese.

The couple’s house in Ndola is reported to have been burnt down after speculations went wild that the now 10 days old baby is born from the Chinese employer.

Facts are that Cecilia got married to Kelvin Mutale about 4 years ago. The couple have no children until now.

The pregnancy and arrival of the new baby caused so much joy to the couple but has turned to a nightmare by his extended family members and neighbours!

Cecilia only got pregnant when she was employed by a Chinese National.

Although Mr Mutale has accepted the child, his family and neighbours are accusing the wife of bewitching the husband that he cannot see that their new bouncy baby is Chinese.

The family took matters in their own hand causing havoc as they have rejected the baby, saying the baby is Chinese and not one of their own.

Police are investigating a case of arson and Cecilia and the new cute baby have been moved to a safe place.

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