An independent mental examination conducted on Vincent Wandale, self-proclaimed leader of the United States of Thyolo and Mulanje (MUST) and Peoples Land Organization (PLO) has revealed that Wandale is mentally stable, faceofmalawi can reveal.

In November this year the Lilongwe Magistrate Court ordered Wandale to undergo a mental examination to determine if he is fit to stand trial in a case in which he is charged with publication of false statements likely to cause fear and alarm to the public.

The examination revealed that Wandale was mentally challenged and the court ordered him to be sent to Zomba Mental Hospital for treatment.

Due to refusal to medication at Zomba Mental hospital, the management ordered for an independent psychiatric doctor to re-examine Wandale as he wished.

“I am glad to report that a professor of psychatry from USA now teaching at college of medicine in blantyre who was invited by the director of zomba mental hospital to reassess my mental status as an independent assessor has confirmed that i am very sane and brilliant.

“This is a hand of God that has rescued from the cross of my crucifiction. Thank you friends for believing me when i was saying i am not mad all along. Now i will sort my accusers in court,” wrote Wandale on his official facebook page.

Government is yet to comment on the matter.

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