A man might change his habits, style of dressing and behavioural pattern as he grows older, but there are certain things he wants from a woman that doesn’t change.

These 4 things never change:



Every man wants to be respected even when he’s as young as 16, and he carries just that exact expectation to 50, 60 and beyond. Every man wants to be respected by his woman all through his life. This could be said to be the basic need of a man from a woman.


Every man wants a loyal woman. A woman who would be true to him at all times, irrespective of what’s wrong and what’s right. No matter the age, every man wants loyalty.


Men love to be appreciated by the woman in their lives. They don’t want their efforts to go unnoticed. Every man has this need to be appreciated in him at every point of his life.


Every man yearns for a woman who won’t just be in his life for the sake of it, but a woman who will go through life supporting him and being his biggest fan and his cheerleader. No man gets tired of having a supportive woman because life could become so tacky at some point in time and it is at that point he wants a supportive partner, no matter how old he is.


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