Umodzi Party (UP) President Professor John Chisi has distanced himself from claims by some quarters on social media alleging that he has been bought by President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

Chisi recently saluted Members of Parliament especially those from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and those from opposition People’s Party (PP) for unanimously rejecting electoral reforms bill including the 50+1.

In an interview with faceofmalawi reporter Chisi said: “Malawians are not ready for bills which will bring controversy in terms of our emotions. Just remember what happened at Gonapamuhanya celebrations and what happened in Thyolo during the 2014 elections.

“Malawians are not ready to accept defeat, they are not ready to congratulate the winner and they are not ready to look beyond their power games and also look beyond benefits from what they are doing. This is the time for us as a nation to start building a country where we will start appreciating the complexity of running our country interms of our own vision and focus.”

Chisi’s remarks attracted debate on the social media with others saying he is being used by President Mutharika.

A concerned citizen identified as Mable Chisi wrote: “a CHISI a CHISI a CHISI! akudyetsani chani kuti mulankhule choncho??? When you say Malawians are not ready for controversial bills!!! Which Malawians are you talking about???????????????????????? Ife munatifunsa???? If referendum can be called and people decide then you can say Malawians are not ready. osangolota zanuzanu ayiii..Which Malawians??? upulofesa winawunso ayii ndithuuuuu.”

On his part, one of the human right activists Billy Mayaya described Chisi as a disgrace to the nation.

When asked as to whether he has been bought by Mutharika, Chisi trashed the accusations saying “this is typical Malawian thinking.”

“Why should I be bought when I have a vision of Umodzi Party? Most people have poverty mindset and they believe people can be bought for Political gain. I certainly have issues with MCP and I believe that supporting Chakwera, Malawi will regret in future. DPP also has its issues but they are democracy in power. If we have issues with them 2019 can solve them. On the other hand we can create issues after 2019 if we now support MCP. Now you understand my thinking.

“MCP is not a party I can support,” said Chisi.

Meanwhile debate continues on Chisi’s remarks.

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