Information sourced by faceofmalawi indicates that New Building Society (NBS) bank has mistakenly paid its employees double salaries.

This has been disclosed in a memo addressed to the workers seen by FOM’s reporter warning them not to tamper with the said money.

“You will notice that there is a double payment of December salaries for those having accounts with NBS bank. Please do not withdraw and use that money coz its not a bonus/ arrears but rather a duplication.

“NBS bank is busy reversing those transactions and in case you withdraw the whole amount, it shall mean that the account will be in overdraft and any amount being deposited into your account shall be deducted up until the deficit is cleared,” reads the memo in part.

Added the memo: “Please never say you were not warned.”

Some employees who confided to FOM’s reporter on condition of anonymity have expressed fear of not receiving their January pay since they have already withdrawn the whole cash.

More details to come….

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