There was drama at Zomba mental hospital last week when the self acclaimed supreme leader of Peoples Land Organisation – PLO, Vincent Wandale tried to injure a medical officer with a razor blade when he was treating him.

According to an inside source who witnessed the incident and helped to rescue the nurse, Wandale grabbed the nurse on the neck when the nurse was trying to give him his medication.

“He had a toilet tissue in his hands and he wrapped the razor blade in the tissue so that no one could notice that he had the razor blade and when the nurse came to give him medication he grabbed him on the neck and wanted to injure him using the blade on his neck,” said the source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

According to the source it took their interventions and others to assist the nurse not to be harmed by Wandale as they had to whisk him away.

“This forced the hospital management to isolate Wandale to a special room and also ordered his guardian who was staying with him to go away as he was suspected to be the one bringing in the different gadgets which were in Wandale’s room,” revealed the source.

When contacted for comment, Ministry of Health and Population spokesperson, Joshua Malango while confirming of the incident however said no-one was injured and that Wandale is back to his room and taking medication as before.

Malango who could not confirm if indeed Wandale’s guardian has been chased from the hospital for being suspected of bringing in lethal objects, said the hospital does not allow patients to have guardians unless it is a female patient who has a baby that needs extra care.

Malango said: “At the mental hospital, we don’t allow patients to have a guardian as they are all taken care of by the hospital staff, they can only come as visitors not guardians to be there always and that is the same reason why we can’t allow Wandale to have a guardian in our hospital.”

According to the inside source since his admission at Zomba Central Hospital, Wandale has had a male guardian who has been taking care of him before the recent incident occurred.

Wandale has been admitted to the hospital for two months now following a court ruling that he goes under psychiatric treatment after his arrest in October last year after declaring that he is a supreme leader of the so called independent country the United States of Mulanje and Thyolo something regarded as unconstitutional under Malawi laws.

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