A patient admitted at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in the capital Lilongwe had a rude awakening on Monday morning as thieves used fake lunch boxes to steal a cell-phone from him, faceofmalawi can reveal.

According to information at hand, a patient at KCH received two visitors whom seem to be stranded as they could hardly find a patient they were looking for.

The unknown visitors had brought with them some food items that were packed in lunch boxes of which one pack was labelled KFC. There was also a bottle of Ceres juice and one of Supershake Maheu.

One of the visitors then asked for a cell-phone from a patient to call guardian of the patient they were looking for.


The visitor started a conversation and indicated that he wished to complete the call outside and his accomplice followed and they disappeared.
“Ali mkati moona odwala anabwereka fon ya odwala nkumakaimba panja.

“Basi omwewo kuba fon osabweranso kusiya izi as u can see on the pic,” an eyewitness told faceofmalawi reporter.

Meanwhile a video has gone viral of guard at KCH explaining the whole deal to onlookers

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