Monday, January 15 marked the first day of fasting and praying for God’s intervention in the ongoing cholera epidemic in Zambia.

president Lungu leading prayers

The one-week prayer and fasting period was declared by Zambia’s minister of Religion and National Guidance, Hon. Reverend Godfridah Sumaili with a stern warning that ‘the occasion must be taken seriously and be observed by everyone’.

Sumaili told the country to not only pray for an end to cholera but to also pray for the rains which have been erratic in Zambia.

The fasting period to Kick out Cholera from the Land began on Monday and will go on until the next Monday, January 22nd.

The first case of Cholera in Zambia was recorded in October last year in Lusaka and since then, several Interventions have been put in place to fight the pandemic, including postponement of the schools calendar, establishment of joint taskforces from the health ministry, defence forces and the office of the president, banning of street food and roadside vending among others.

The outbreak has killed 74 people since Oct. 4, with more than 3,200 cases reported in total.



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