Police in Mashonaland East province in Zimbabwe have warned residents to be on high alert following the alleged re-emergence of female rapists, who are said to be moving in an unmarked vehicles and targeting male travelers.

NewsDay reports that acting provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Tendai Mwanza said the latest attack occurred on January 12 this year, involving a 28-year-old Wedza man, who was allegedly drugged and sexually abused by three women, who were driving in the company of a male accomplice.

“I can confirm that a Wedza man was sexually abused by some women, and members of the public are advised to avoid seeking transport from private vehicles. They should always try to use public transport and, at most, try to travel during the day. Investigations are still in progress to try and bring the culprits to book,” he said.

The police said the suspects pulled over at Goto turn-off bus stop and gave a lift to the complainant, drugged him at gunpoint along the way before the three women took turns to sexually abuse him.

The complainant allegedly collapsed during the acts and only regained consciousness the following morning after being dumped on the roadside.

He reported the matter at Wedza Police Station.

The latest attack follows a similar one that occurred last year, where three women drugged and sexually molested a Wedza male teacher after offering him a lift.

It is suspected the female rapists may be harvesting semen for ritual purposes


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