There was drama in a Local Court in neighboring state of Zambia when a man said that the person he has sued for adultery was his uncle.

This is in a case in which a 24-year-old Friday Chimfwembe sued, Crispin Mubanga, 24, for allegedly committing adultery with his 21-yea-old wife Sylvia Kangwa.

Chimfwembe told the Court that he married Kangwa in 2010 in and that they have two children and paid K500 as dowry.

He explained that Kangwa left him on December 26, 2017 and went to stay with his uncle from his father’s side.

“I looked for Kangwa from all her relatives and after I was tipped off that was when I found her at Mubanga she was even wearing Mubanga’s shorts and top,’’ said Chimfwembe.

He explained that in 2014 he came to Lusaka to look for a job and that he was communicating with Kangwa but he was surprised to hear that his nephew, Chimfwembe in 2015 went behind his back and in 2016 he eloped with Kangwa and came to Lusaka.

“When I went to Kangwa’s parents they said that they only know me because I brought admission of guilty. I came back to Lusaka with the hope of meeting Kangwa and in December 2017 when I met her I got her including children because she is my wife,’’ said Mubanga.

Kangwa testified that Chimfwembe was her uncle and that in 2013 he locked her in his house and impregnated her and subsequently eloped with her.

The court adjourned the matter to February 2, Chimfwembe to bring the certificate of judgment from Kasama where he claimed he paid dowry.

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