Illegal possession of ivory has again gotten two Lilongwe men behind bars.

The two, Robin Chioshya aged 37 and 41-year-old Warry Ghambi hails from Tomas village, T/A Simphasi in Mchinji and Mwenikuti village, T/A Mwaulambia in Chitipa respectively.

Reports say police had received a tip that there were men who were in possession of the ivory and that they were selling it.

Following that, police and another team from Department of National Parks and Wildlife launched an investigation on the matter. One of them pretended as a potential buyer and got to a house where the ivory was kept.

It is reported that ivory tusks weighing 6.5 kilograms worth K9.750, 000 was found at the house.

Meanwhile, the two have been charged with illegal possession of specimen of protected species contrary to section 86 (1) of National Parks and Wildlife Act and Dealing in Government and Wildlife Trophies contrary to section 91 of National Parks and Wildlife Act.


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