A Congolese national who has been in the neighboring Zambia for more than two decades was recently killed by a group of men who he reported for the theft of his chicken.

The victim whose name could not be released for family protection, was attacked in broad daylight by three people that were being questioned by the police.

“As soon as they left the police, they went straight to the man and attacked him in the presence of his wife. After the beating, they left him on the ground not knowing that he had died. He died 45 minutes later and the post-mortem revealed that his throat had been cut,’’ said Humphrey Banda, a friend to one of the deceased’s sons.

Mr.Banda told local reporters that the Congolese national had a record of high blood pressure and family members were meant to believe that he had suffered from one of his attacks.

“When he was not waking up after 45 minutes, it became evident that the man had died,’’ Mr. Banda said.

Two of the perpetrators of this act are in police custody while one is on the run.

The area where the incident happened known as John Laing, is notorious for gangs attacking people in the night and police in the area have time and again heightened patrols.

This death is especially worrying because the attack took place during day-time in full view of the general populous.

The body of the deceased has since been buried.

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