Information sourced by faceofmalawi indicates that a Malawian woman identified as Ona Banda has died in South Africa after giving birth to triplet girls.

Her husband, Daniel Issah Phiri confirmed of the development in an interview with Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS).

According to Phiri, Banda died on Monday, 11th January, after she developed complications.

“She delivered normally without any complications on Sunday, 7th January. The following morning she was discharged. She was going to the hospital on a daily basis to nurse the babies as one of them had not yet reached the required weight and needed to still be in hospital,” narrated Phiri. On a Thursday she complained of chest pains, then I decided not to go to work and escort her to the hospital.

“After she had finished nursing the babies we went in to see the doctor to have her checked but because time had passed it was now around 8 in the evening I bid her good bye, saying I would see her in the morning,” Phiri told ZBS.

According to Zodiak Online when he came back the following morning he found his wife admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

“Her condition had deteriorated. I was in total shock. I asked the doctor what happened for her to reach that state; he said she had suffered brain damage and therefore needed to be put on life support,” explained the grieving husband.

Sadly, Banda lost her life a few days later in the maternity wing where she was moved to.

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