Gospel singer Robertson Nkhonjera has started 2018 year on a high note with his new hit single ‘Unquestionable God’.

The hit single which has taken the music industry by storm comes barely months after the artist released his debut album ‘Moyo’ which is also selling like hotcakes on the market.

This can be witnessed by the number of downloads the song has received at one of the most popular music websites in the country Malawi-music.com, the only websites which is there to promote local artist in Malawi.

The song highlights some of the questions that each and every human being has about God. For instance, sometimes many people tend ask God why some situations like illness, death, financial hiccups happens to them.

Not only that, sometimes people are left speechless upon being blessed hence ‘Unquestionable God’ hit single.

Speaking in an interview with faceofmalawi reporter ‘Ulemelelo’ hit maker said the song is not just an ordinary song.

“My song unquestionable God is not just an ordinary song but it has carried anointing. Its a prophetic song which will heal & win many souls across the country,” said Nkhonjera.

He also added that the song is an inspiration from the life of Pastor Chisomo.

Robertson started his music career when he was at Secondary School in 2007 and he later founded a four member group called Fanatics music.

The aim of the group was to spread the good news about Jesus Christ and to become a role model.

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